Spell Checker, Hyphenation and Thesaurus: NHunspell

NHunspell brings the spell checking, hyphenation and thesaurus to the Microsoft® .NET Framework. NHunspell is C# library and wraps native libraries for Hunspell, Hyphen and MyThes. One design goal of this library and wrapper is to keep the source code of the included libraries as unmodified as possible. New versions of the base libraries can therefore easily adopted to NHunspell.

The integrated libraries are used in OpenOffice and they work with the dictionaries published on OpenOffice.org.


NHunspell is licensed under: GPL/LGPL/MPL. Free use in commercial applications is permitted according to the LGPL and MPL licenses. Your commercial application can link against the NHunspell DLLs.

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NHunspell Homepage on Maierhofer Software


NHunspell releases (zipped pre compiled assemblies)
NHunspell NuGet Package

Spell Check, Hyphenation and Thesaurus Dictionaries

NHunspell Dictionaries on OpenOffice

NHunspell Source Code

HG access to NHunspell code (browse HG repository)

Sourceforge Project Web Site

NHunspell project summary page on Sourceforge

Project Bug Tracking

NHunspell Trac Bug Report (Spell Check, Hyphenation and Thesaurus)

Online Spell Check, Hyphenation and Thesaurus

Spell Check, Hyphenation and Thesaurus Reference Implementation on ASP.NET


The spell checker library Hunspell is a state of the art spell checker for languages with complex word compunding and rich morphology. It was written by László Németh for spell checking of the Hungarian language and can be used with utf8 encoded unicode directories. Hunspell is based on MySpell and can use MySpell directories too.

Hunspell is the default spell checker of OpenOffice, Mozilla Thunderbird and Firefox, Google Chrome and the Apple MAC OS/X operating system since version 10.6 "Snow Leopard". Hunspell is based an MySpell and can use the MySpell dictionaries. It is an alternative to GNU Aspell, ISpell, PSpell and Enchant


The hyphenation library Hyphen is part of the Hunspell project written by László Németh. It is a state of the art hyphenator.


The thesaurus MyThes is part of the Hunspell project. It can be used to find synonyms for words.

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Crawler-Lib is a new information retrieval and data mining framework for the Microsoft .NET and Xamarin Mono Platform. It can be used to develop business intelligence solutions, text- and data mining software, web crawler or web spider software. Strengths of the Crawler-Lib framework are high operation-throughput, due to the use of an optimized combination of multithreading and async operations, and simplified coding of complex workflows.
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Tutorials and code smples (C#) about data mining and information retrieval like crawling, web scraping, database requests and so on are on the Crawler-Lib Framwork Video Channel.

Sponsors and Supporters of NHunspell

Maierhofer Software

NHunspell is developed by Maierhofer Software.


JetBrains provide the ReSharper plugin for Visiual Studio. It is used to refactor the NHunspell code and to run the NUnit tests in the NHunspell project. A really must have even in Visual Studio 2010 and 2012.
JetBrains Homepage

EC Software

EC Software is specialized in help and manual authoring tools. They provide the single source documentation tool Help & Manual.
EC Software Homepage


NHunspell 1.1.1 RTM

Releasing NHunspell 1.1.0 RTM

Hunspell 1.3.2, Hyphen 2.8.6

Patches till 2013-05-12


NHunspell 1.1.0 RTM

Releasing NHunspell 1.1.0 RTM

Hunspell 1.3.2, Hyphen 2.8.6

Patches till 2013-03-14


NHunspell 1.0.0 RTM

Releasing NHunspell 1.0.0 RTM

Hunspell 1.3.2, Hyphen 2.8.3


NHunspell 0.9.9

Releasing NHunspell 0.9.9

Update to Hunspell 1.3.2, Hyphen 2.8.3


NHunspell 0.9.8

Releasing NHunspell 0.9.8

Update to Hunspell 1.3.2, Hyphen 2.8


NHunspell 0.9.7

Releasing NHunspell 0.9.7

Update to Hunspell 1.2.12, Hyphen 2.6